PocketTouch 1.4

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As we approach Christmas, ICRTouch are joyful to announce the latest update to PocketTouch, bringing you the most powerful and user-friendly handheld food ordering pad software on the market yet. PocketTouch sends information from table to chef in seconds, improves service times and reduces mistakes.

Over 30 updates have been made in this version including a visual makeover with an all new configurable toolbar and sidebar settings to suit the end-user desires. Adjust the look and feel of all buttons on the screen to suit. There is also a much larger portion of the screen space available for the sales window to allow the user to easily see the order in process.

Improved toolbar, includes:

  1. Sign on/off from the clerk name in the info toolbar
  2. Open/send table from the table number in the info toolbar
  3. Price level change in the info toolbar
  4. Language support

Configured for TouchPoint 2017, the new PocketTouch version 1.4 features a user friendly and accessible interface that’s better than ever before. The updated sales window now has gesture based functionality. For example, configurable swipe left/right functionality, to allow quick on-the-fly adjustments such as the quantity of a sales item. There are also options to auto-open the floor plan or auto-open by table number to streamline the sales floor operations.

The ability to scan product barcodes using the device camera adds to a streamlined performance from the software. It identifies the item and its price upon scanning, then adds said item to the reg window.

The updated version allows full language support and local currency, so that the worldwide market can enjoy the benefits of using ICRTouch’s PocketTouch.

Changes in user licensing with TouchPoint 2016 allows for multiple PocketTouch licences to be assigned per TouchPoint till, rather than per handheld device. This allows for handheld devices to be replaced or swapped without loosing a PocketTouch licence.

Also in PocketTouch 1.4

  • Print bills automatically from PocketTouch
  • TouchPoint 2016+ allows you to reorder external product groups, so that you can easily reorder your PLU menus in PocketTouch
  • Check payments/Table payments



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