TouchKitchen available on tablet

By October 20, 2016News, Reference

ICRTouch have recently released an updated version of TouchKitchen kitchen video compatible with any Windows or Android tablet or smartphone device which gives chefs more flexibility to organise and control their kitchen at every step of the way.

The emphasis in the redesign has been largely around user configurability, so that the chef has absolute control over how the kitchen video operates, and to enhance it’s ‘smart’ features further, way beyond just being a simple ‘kitchen ticket printer’. TouchKitchen allows the chef to receive orders direct from the TouchPoint till system or PocketTouch handheld order pads, so you can be sure no mistakes are made.

TouchKitchen also communicates with ICRTouch’s CollectionPoint software, so that you can announce on a further display that an order is ready to collect.


• Separately configurable Order Ticket Timers and Pegged Ticket Timers

• Timers can be set to count UP or count DOWN, with configurable ‘Maximum Time’ and ‘Amber Time’.

• A ‘Traffic Light’ system changes the timer colour from Green to Amber to Red, which can optionally be extended to colour the whole order ticket to match for easy visual reference at a glance.

• Configurable ‘Order Ticket Grid’ – no matter whether you have personal tablets at a given kitchen station or a large tv display, you can configure TouchKitchen to display as many tickets as you need at any size.

• New ‘pages’ are automatically added when Order Tickets have filled the screen – simply scroll to see more tickets. A live count right in the dock-able toolbar tells you how many tickets you have, even if you can’t see them all on screen at once, and a quick tap of the consolidation screen will show you a summary of everything currently waiting.

• You have complete control of the order tickets themselves, including font sizes, what information is displayed in the header and footer, along with options such as displaying the item prices.

• TouchKitchen communicates with your TouchPoint till and is aware of your KP Categories, Groups and Departments, and allows you to colour items on your order ticket according to these PLU settings, and you can visually colour the ticket to denote which TouchPoint terminal it came from.

• Tickets can be dragged around the order window, with options to ‘snap to grid’ or move freely, so that you can organise and stack tickets as required.

• Alternatively, you can set tickets to auto refresh and move to the top of the screen as tickets are finished, and even to auto finish when timers complete so that you can use TouchKitchen almost entirely hands free.

• Users can visually highlight individual items on order tickets with a range of colours, allowing them to assign different ‘states’ to items as required.

• Finished tickets can be easily accessed on a separate screen that mirrors the order screen, and even recalled to the order screen as needed.

• Tickets can be pegged to the bottom of the screen, showing not only the Order Number, but Quantity of Items and number of Covers at a glance, with a separately configured set of timers to keep you informed.

• The TouchKitchen Toolbar can be docked to the left, right, top or bottom of the screen as you prefer, and resized to suit.

• TouchKitchen can be operated via any bump bar or virtually any input device that emulates keyboard presses, and allows the user to reassign any action to any button.

• TouchKitchen features a number of default colour schemes, which can be rearranged to suit personal preferences, as well as the ability to design your own colour schemes from scratch with an easy to use colour picker.

• All configuration options are achieved via simple to use picker controls or sliders, and include inline explanations of their function and usage.




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